Thursday, December 18, 2008

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9:21 AM
Morning, I will bescalling out of most positions a I will be travelling tomorrow, Today I willbe watching S&P and the es-mini.
First resistance 914
First Support 903

Big resistance 918
Big Support 895

We have an expiration day tomorrow. I remain very bullish and felt yesterday the market was just iching to rally, lets see what happens today. Watch the Transports for relative strength. Looking to add to IYT, Looking to take some profits in LDK, Looking to add PFE and INTC.

11:11 AM
Selling MT 1/2 400 26.30
Market Upholding 27 smoke em if you have em.

12:39 AM
F selling Auto Bailout announcment near looking to buy on weakness 2.70-2.60.

12:50 AM
Added to F 2k 2.72 keep powder dry for spike down on any news.