Portfolio Update going into vacation

Thursday, August 27, 2009

I will be taking next week off and going on a small vacation, trader GTO will be broadcasting and running the site each day, the support staff will be at the station as usual to help with any technical problems. I will be back on the Radio on Sept 7th. The last 3 months has really seen the site grow and improve the trading profits are consistent. Discipline and patience have really been drilled in and the technical analysis has been outstanding. Every trader need to take time to recharge the batteries of face the possibility of burning out. I look forward to returning to work fast, but also look forward to this time off. As i will be away you will see a slow down of trade alert via email, but the trading will be active in the trading room and on the live trade alerts. I am posting charts of most of my holding and an update on any action needed to be taken. I Hope to check in each day Everyone have a wonderful trading week. Any positions that are not charted are being held and no change in outlook is being made