Delayed Alerts for February 17th

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

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9:19 am
Markets going to break 800 at open Bad news across the markets

Watch the $VIX and watch the downside, right now looks like Novemeber lows will be a target. Today is going to get ugly, Best to trade with the trend
Gold and SIlver looking good, The focus this week is on energy
Today keeping waiting for a sign, but there are some stocks getting cheaper
Hang on

12:07 pm
Taking AA off for a loss 6.95 and adding to short FSLR total 100

AA been getting downgraded and pushed lower< style="border-bottom: 1px dashed rgb(0, 102, 204); cursor: pointer;" class="yshortcuts" id="lw_1234898469_0">dead money, and going to free this up and put it to better use.
HW was a stimulus play that never played out,and selling this one -1.50
looking for 777 on S&P as minor support

1:24 pm

Starting to scale in small in Quality CAT, DIS

Have my Finger on the Trigger today and will look to pick up CAT 50-100 and add to DIS
Also looking to start position in MGM Small 200-300
But want to get in on some fear and hard selling , Today is going to be a hard buy on the long side and rather sit on cash then chase a market down, There might be a time to strike, and its always when it looks like the sky is falling

12:17 pm
Buying ABT 200 @53.97 first entry

Great entry off the support of the moving averages, This came out of a very bullish falling wedge pattern that was featured 2 weeks ago on the 10 for 1000 watch list and now is featured again on this weeks watch list, looking to add at trigger.