Delayed Alerts for January 9th

Friday, January 9, 2009

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10:46 am

Putting a sell order in at 3.48 for MSO here ,MSO still showing great strength in the face of a declining market. Today Friday will be probably the last day i willbe broadcasting from this office, as i am moving the studio over the weekend. Sorry for the interuptions today, I would like to get a jump on things earlier and stop trading around 1-2 pm. I continue to watch F to add to my position, Another technical set up where F is holding up,albeit, there is not alot of action, but the longer view out, is looking better for a longer term swing position LDK,SNDK on my watch list to buy in the future CME,OXY.

12:44 am

LDK considering selling into 50 ema 15.75-80
LDK showing great action today, but we are approaching a level where i would be cautious, the markets are setting up a bear flag on the 15 min chart. I am up 18% and taking it off here Smokem markets look to fall here