Delayed Alerts for January 29th

Thursday, January 29, 2009

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Morning action in MT 24.50 200 long
Jumping in 200 shares here on MT as it gaps down almost 2 points to the 20 ema small scale.. I wan to look to establish a position in IBI the broker ETF.

10:49 am
Added 200 MT 24.56 long also starting small position in IAI broker ETF 200 sometime today
Market starting to show some strength, We held the 855-850 levelo today and would continue to trade off this area and use it for reference today.

12:42 am
SLV setting up to attach 50 ema at 12.50 buying 400 @ 11.95.

looking for a gap in this one over the next few days.
Also using this pull back to scale into some that i have missed earlier this week, because they just ran to far to fast.
Gold also looking like the same set up as silver same play GLD.
RIG showing great strength today and the 3 day pattern should be watch closely trigger 57.15
Want to see the S&P close above the 20 ema 859-860.