A Great Charting Book

Thursday, March 13, 2008

I was going cleaning out my office today and going thru all my trading books, and came across an older charting book that i haven't opened in a few years "Technical Analysis Explained" For the last 2 hours i been reading thru it and realized how great a book it is, Even though i been trading over 15 years i still find this book amazing and a fantastic research tool, it covers everything ..i mean every important chart formation you need to know. the key ones are

One and Two bar price patterns
Moving Averages

How markets reacts to volume.
Pattern Recognition
Candle Stick Charts
Elliot Wave and all the standard indicators..

This is just a portion of book i am scanning thru right now.

So i wanted to pas this on as it is not listed yet on my recommended reading list. i will work on getting it up there this week, and it will move ahead of Jeff coopers book on Hit and Run trading as my most valuable book. That's its its late and need to work oh yeah its big 600 pages of great material. Look inside book