Fed Announcement Trade

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Doing my best to not trade today,but picking up some INTC @ 20.66 and seeing some relative strength in AAPL, what do you do before 2:15 announcement..sit tight, after the fed there will be opportunities, if you are holding long into fed consider hedging your longs with a position in QID or taking some VIX calls, both of which i did today, and will unload on a move down. Now do i you want to buy on a sell off..thats a good possibility and i will be picking up a dip in INTC and might like to get a trade in GOOG as any pullback should rebound fast ..be careful today,and know there is always another day to trade tomorrow. What if the market rallies, well most are thinking the rally will be sold, so watch for it to hold and if it does we could be in for a massive pile on as people will be coming out and calling last week a bottom