Mondays Watch List

Monday, November 26, 2007

Monday is finally here and the market should get a pop, now if we hold it is a whole different matter, either way, looking to lighten up on my GOOG today and add to JBLU. I am very interested in YHOO here and will be more interested if it can complete a "w" pattern, but looks strong above 26.85. HOG ( Harley Davidson) has been crushed this whole year and i am looking for a bounce today and a start of a bottoming pattern. I hope to catch this premarket. CTX i can't not look at this one here, as i picked up some HOV last week, this one seems even better. And ETFC i don't see this getting back down to mid 4's any more..someone is going to come in and gobble it up.. look for updates through out the day here and on live market trading .


Johnny said...

good to see you