RMBS Rambus Buying today

Monday, March 24, 2008

RMBS Rambus: Final days of the consolidated patent case; see 60% chance of a decision in the co's favor - BWS Financial (17.67 )

BWS Financial believes RMBS is going to be front and center on the radar screens this week, as it is the final days of the consolidated patent case. The closing arguments are scheduled for tomorrow with the case being handed over to the jury at that time for deliberations. They note that in the past the trials have gone in RMBS' favor, and they believe RMBS continues to have an advantage at the current trial. The importance of the case is that it would finally put a rest to the spoliation allegations that have been the main argument points for memory manufactures. Based on the history of cases involving RMBS, they are projecting a 60% chance of a decision in the co's favor. They think a setback for RMBS could result in a 30-40% decline in the shares, while an advance could put the shares near the $30 level and bring about momentum in the stock.