Watch List For Friday Nov 30th

Thursday, November 29, 2007

MOT tops my list looking for a break of 15.83 to get it moving to 16.30 area
C strong close should get more interest in this, still cheap still holding
CFC also one to watch for buying at the open to clue you in on strength for the day
AMAT "W" pattern forming break 19
VZ Beautiful Inverted Head and Shoulders Pattern on 60 min chart Break of Neckline 42.71 Buy
BZH Home builders getting crushed, but this is set up to move if we break razor sharp down ward trend line @7.50 to a move to 7.80 then we have more to work with.
ETFC looking to re-enter

And here's a bonus ..every while doing research type in the symbol wrong and a chart pops up that looks great and you would never know of it unless you made that mistake, well i did it with BZH and typed in BHZ and got a great looking Chart so enjoy and see if you like it